Glendale Auto Insurance Facts & Information for Drivers

Auto insurance is a contact between a driver and an individual. The contract states the value of the policy and what is and is not covered under the terms of the agreement.  In exchange for a premium, the driver is protected against accidents and the injuries/damages they cause.  The insurance companies pay damages up to the coverage amount when it is included in the policy coverages. Glendale drivers must carry auto insurance on any registered vehicle they own.

Drivers must carry auto insurance that includes $15,000 Bodily Injury protection for one injury; $30,000 Bodily Injury protection for all injuries; and $10,000 Property damage protection. Drivers may opt to purchase additional types of coverage for added protection if they choose, as well as higher amounts than what is required. However, drivers must always carry the state mandatory minimum auto insurance in glendale az.

Cost to insure a vehicle in Glendale varies from one driver to the next, although it’s no secret that rates in Glendale are pretty steep for some drivers. Factors that influence the rates include driving history, credit score, marital and educational status, type of vehicle being insured, auto insurance company you insure with, and other factors. On average, Glendale drivers spend $1,823 per year to insure their vehicles.

auto insurance in glendale az

Many money-saving techniques help drivers cut costs of their auto insurance coverage. Use as many of those techniques as possible to keep your own rates low. Comparing companies each year is one of the best ideas to keep costs low. It’s easy to compare companies online or by phone after requesting free quotes. Take advantage of auto insurance discounts as well. Though discounts vary from one company to the next, they provide nice savings when you do things like bundle policies or maintain safe driving standards.